Stores MARKET 99


Consumers in India have the tendency to compare prices before each and every product purchase and Market99 strives to help them with exactly that. It is a platform where one can avail the maximum for the least. Whether its price or quality, Market99 makes sure its customers are always their first, rather only priority.

Starting from as little as Rs. 9, Market99 believes in servicing its valuable customers with a range of over 5000 products that are not only 20-40% cheaper than its peers in the market but also a benchmark in terms of quality. Not just consumers, but even the competitors believe in Market99’s capacity to always come up with something groundbreaking. A concept that has always broken away from the traditional to create something new and absolutely revolutionary.

Market99 believes in providing only the best and nothing less. A compromise in quality is never an option. True to its consumers, true to business.

Store Unit No: Shop no. SF 46,47,48,49 & 50 S