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Here’s a brand that makes fashion believable, and a complete reality for the urban Indian woman. Established in 2004, Mustard in India is an Apparel brand that offers style solutions for both regular and plus sizes. The brand brings you a wide variety of chic apparel such as Capris, t-Shirts, cardigans, Jackets, Jeans, Kurtis, Tights and Tunics, as well as Accessories like Scarves andStoles, made available in customised fits.

Mustard realises that on an average, the Indian woman is not satisfied with fitting when it comes to Western wear. ‘Fit anxiety’ is what it’s called and we’re here to help. With the aid of extensive research, this brand has created a unique line of apparel that features plus-size fits that feel comfortable and look stylish as well on larger women. You will find dimensions starting from size 2 (26 waist) to size 7 (50 waist). Mustard brings you an interesting collection of apparel that features a blend of Indian fabrics in Western styling. The brand style vault combines the best of the old and the new, the still and the moving, in colours and tones that are crafted with the finest quality.If you are a woman who believes in enjoying the freedom of fashion that’s as comfortable as it gets, Mustard in India is the brand for you.