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A great brand is the reflection of a strong culture. Holii was born out of a desire to create a great Indian brand that reflects both the aesthetics of a sophisticated culture and the modernity and buzz of the most complex women in the world. Holii’s goal to create a space for original Indian fashion is as clear as her pride in being born in India.

Great craftsmanship comes alive in your Holii bag. The intricate design is meticulously embossed and hand dyed to bring alive the beauty that is our great heritage. Our leather bags are constructed by hand and glued together before they are stitched. Slow and painstaking: But that is how great leather bags are handcrafted. There is no bulk production, no assembly line; every bag is individually numbered, hand cut, and pieced together. At Holii you have a wide range of handbags, clutches, wallets, travel bags, belts & accessories to choose from.

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