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CeX Ltd. is a second hand goods chain based in the United Kingdom specializing in technology, computing and video games. It was established in 1992 in London, and has since grown to have over 200 stores in the UK. CeX used to go under the name Computer Exchange but switched to CeX. CeX stands for Complete Entertainment Exchange.
CeX is a privately owned company. In 2005, CeX began issuing licences for franchising.
As a second hand retailer, CeX trades with customers offering either cash or a voucher for redemption in any CeX store. A customer will typically receive around 50% cash and 65% exchange of the retail value of the item. Some premium and new release items CeX will offer close or sometimes higher than the as new retail value of the product. CeX offer a 12-month warranty subject to terms on all of the second hand products the company sells.
Customers are able to trade remotely with CeX through use of the company’s online operation.

  • 1st Floor, NW | location: F-40

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