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The Bowl House

To offer a unique blend of South East and East Asian delicacies to our broad range of revered guests. The Bowl House prides itself for using all the pure and traditional ingredients that represent authentic South East and East Asian Cusines. The Bowl House looks to create typical home-made cooking in a casual, contemporary ambiance, hence the identification of “house” as part of the brand. In a nutshell, it is an indication to “feel at home” in your favorite restaurant. The “Bowl” representation is to depict an image, whether an illusion or factual, that clearly symbolizes the art of South East and East Asian Cooking. The richness and diversity of Eastern culinary science merits such an iconic depiction and The Bowl House prides itself for providing these wide range of mouth watering recipes as part of its bowl offerings. The Bowl House thanks all its revered guests for sharing The Dream and for the continous support of the brand and the slowly realizing aspirations. The Bowl House wishes all its guests the best quality oflife and to continously be ‘bowled over!’

  • 3rd Floor | location: T-19

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