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Love & Latte

While on a vacation to Italy with her family she fell in love with the quaint little baristas littered around the country side offering gourmet coffee, espressos, cafe lattes and cappuccinos that were truly an ecstasy for a coffee lover such as her. These small crowded baristas, the energy radiating from the place,that feeling of romance was what gave birth to the idea of Love & Latte.Realizing her vision & love for coffee, she decided to invest into the idea for Love & Latte to become a reality.Love & Latte has tried to bring this romance to the suburbs of Mumbai keeping into mind a cozy place that serves gourmet coffee and espresso drinks, with couches to lounge in while you sip.It is a beckon to weary travelers, drowsy office drones, scrambling moms and all others in need of a caffeine-and suger jolt promising to add a bespoke experience to your visit to the establishment where every coffee will be made to order.Though it is primarily a coffee shop it also offers an all day breakfast from waffles, egg sandwiches and for those with a sweet tooth the bakery has the best selection of muffins, cakes and pastries in the city.

  • 3rd Floor, NW | location: T-28C

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